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Wednesday NCLEX-RN Wisdom: Circulatory System Physiology

Circulatory System Physiology Meet The Heart! A descriptive medical tutorial for the circulatory system physiology. Developed by Dr. Rishi Desai, a pediatric infectious disease physician and a member at the Khan Academy.  A much needed video for nursing students as they prepare for the NCLEX.   *Watch the next lesson: CLICK HERE [...]

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A Thank You Tribute For Nurse Week

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Dr. Damania, founder of Turntable Health, also known as ZDOGGMD is known for his Weird Al style of  humor around health care, and the world of medicine. His latest video is a parody of Moana's 'Your Welcome' song, bravely sung by none other than 'The Rock', [...]

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MCAT 2017 Test Dates and Schedule (Download Infographic)

MCAT 2017 Test Date Schedule (INFOGRAPHIC) The time has come. And we want you to succeed and master your MCAT exams! We have designed a beautiful MCAT Testing Schedule Calendar Infographic to help you stay organized, and have a visual aid for your home, studio or computer.  Try our MCAT Exam Review Video [...]

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Volume Purchase Program

Volume Purchase Options For Educators Are you looking to purchase in large volume for your students? Are you an MCAT tutor or educator looking for new tools and resources to support all adult learning styles? If so, click the link below. LEARN MORE

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MCAT PREP: Common Medical Prefixes & Postfixes

MCAT PREP: Common Medical Prefixes & Postfixes Future doctors and nurses of America need to understand common medical prefixes and postfixes. This infographic explores common medical prefixes and postfixes and their meaning. With hundreds of medical terms to memorize, I hope this infographic gives you the visual stimuli you need to help these terms stick! Below [...]

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NCLEX Test Prep APP for Google Play

  Scrub Ninjas® NCLEX-RN Exam Review was developed for the visual learner, a study tool to appeal to all styles of learning. Our NCLEX test prep  content is tailor-made for the NCLEX (A full range of high yield questions like the actual exam) based on the content guidelines from the NCSBN. 1,100 multiple choice [...]

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NCLEX-RN Review: Tutorial Thursday ‘ACE Inhibitors’

NCLEX-RN Review: Tutorial Thursday 'ACE Inhibitors' with Empowern (one of our fav's so sign up) Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors or commonly known as ACE Inhibitors. This pharmaceutical drug is used to treat congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and many other medical conditions. Research and clinical studies prove it to be a very effective drug class for many, [...]

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Scrub Ninjas® Introduces the First Ever Rapid Review Video Game for the MCAT, NCLEX and High School AP Exam

Scrub Ninjas® Introduces the First Ever Rapid Review Video Game for the MCAT, NCLEX and High School AP Exam PRESS RELEASE 5/11/2016 Rapid Review Apps Designed to Improve Retention By Playing Video Games: Created for students applying to medical school (premeds), nursing school (LVN, BSN, RN pre-nursing students), and college [...]

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