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  1. Choose Your Ninja:  Akahana or Benjirou
  2. Then Choose Your Arena: Scalpel’s Sunset Gate, Cursed Shurken Lake, The Surgical Dojo or Necropsy Shores
  3. Now you will enter the Surgical Armory featuring: Ninja Weapons, Masks and Throwing Weapons
  4. Select Ninja Weapons, scroll up and down through an array of Japanese surgical weapons, then click CHOOSE, when you find the weapon of choice.
  5. Moving onto the Masks, scroll up and down through a variety of traditional Japanese masks, or choose NO MASK, to reveal the ninjas face.
  6. Throwing Weapons: your game will start with (4) free throw weapons, which are CHEATS. So use sparingly.  When all (4) free throw weapons are used, you will be prompted to purchase additional throw weapons. Choose which weapons you like within the Throwing Weapons section.
  7. Game Play: Touch or Swipe the pill/button with your finger or stylus, to choose the right answer. The ninja chosen will jump up and swipe/slice the pill. Use the ‘Throw Weapons” if you don’t know the right answer as a simple cheat.
  8. The pill will shine ‘Green’ when correct, and ‘Red’ when wrong.
MCAT Exam Review NCLEX Exam Review AP Exam Review


MCAT Exam Review
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